MISSION & Vision

Welcome Home Foundation, Inc. (WHFI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization tailored to the needs of the profoundly deaf and hard-of-hearing people of the Philippines.  More essentially, we are a true family of deaf and hearing both, supporting each other through any handicaps and hardships we face in our social, spiritual, academic and professional lives.

We specialize in the education, ministry and outreach for the deaf and their families. WHFI has a service and empowerment orientation, helping the deaf towards productive and harmonious living in the hearing world.  Our focus is not just to teach, but to inspire the deaf to teach other deaf, in order to become the caring and competent professionals that they are capable of being, with proper spiritual and social guidance.

For the greater glory of God and salvation of man   ---   St. Ignatius of Loyola

Welcome Home will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary in 2016 with a series of commemorative projects.  The year will be marked with additional programs serving the deaf, while the national education system transitions to a K-12 system and the special education system transitions to Filipino Sign Language.

Various theatrical performances by the deaf will be held celebrating deaf culture.  A forthcoming coffee-table book will highlight achievements from WHFI’s trigintennial, honor the legacy of its founders, Fr. Joseph Coyle, S.S.C. and Mrs. Salvacion Tinsay, survey the deaf culture of the Philippines, and literally, write the next chapter of Welcome Home’s life.


Historical Timeline

134 Deaf Families Served in 2014-15